What If My Mentee Is Breaking Rules?


As a mentor, you build a relationship and a position of trust with your mentee. During the discussions, your mentee may reveal a range of things to you such as their ambitions, their concerns, their history, their expectations and more.

There may be a day when in the midst of those discussions, you become aware that the mentee (or someone they work with) is breaking organisational policies or rules.

As a mentor you have a responsibility to your employer to ensure the organisation is compliant with governance and legislation. You also have a confidentiality agreement with your mentee. SO you are now in a position of conflict.

What do you do?

  1. discuss with the mentee what is actually happening¬† – this will help determine if there is indeed an issue and ensure the level of the mentee’s awareness
  2. raise the incident as an issue with the mentee
  3. note that the area the mentee is from has responsibility to follow organisational protocols
  4. explain to the mentee that you are now in a position as a member of the organisation
  5. ask the mentee how best to handle the matter now Рthis is a great teachable moment and you can help them to think through the strategies and potential outcomes to arrive at a mutually agreeable decision

What ideas do you have for handling this dilemma?