How To Master The Art and Science of Mentoring

Mentoring is a development process that seems simple but in reality is more complex than at first thought. At Mentoring Mastery you’ll be able to get a better understanding of the role of the mentor and become a better mentor through education and learning.

If you are a person being mentored we’ll also give you some valuable tips on making the mentoring process a great opportunity.

advice for mentors
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Mentoring Mastery is about recognising the value of the mentoring process and valuing the relationship.

Our aim is to inform, educate and upskill those who find themselves in a mentoring role and those who seek to be mentored.

Areas we will cover include

  • what is mentoring,
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  • mentoring skills,
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  • and more.


Questioning 101

Generally speaking a mentor has a focus on asking questions rather than talking too much in a discussion. There will be a sharing of information and the meeting certainly doesn’t want to be an inquisition but a comfortable mix of questions, answers and input will lead to a productive session. Many mentors are experienced managers …