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Mentoring has been employed in organisations increasingly since the 80’s as a continuous ¬†improvement strategy because it has proven to have a positive impact on

  • employee retention
  • promotability
  • workforce productivity
  • personal and professional development
  • knowledge management

Those in the field find the recent research as no surprise. Here is a sample of findings on the effectiveness of mentoring:

  • 71% of Fortune 500 companies use mentoring to ensure learning occurs in their organisations (Source: ASTD)
  • 95% of mentoring participants said the experience motivated them to do their very best (Source: The War for Talent by Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones & Beth Axelrod)
  • 75% of senior officers attribute mentoring to playing a key role in their careers (Source: ASTD)
  • CEOs attribute mentoring as one of the top three factors affecting career growth (Source: Survey of Fortune 500 companies)
  • 77% of companies say mentoring programs increase staff retention (Source: The Center for Creative Leadership)
  • 62% of employees who receive mentoring said they are very likely to stay with their current employer(Source: Yellowbrick)