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The Mentoring Journey – Being Mentored

being mentored

While mentors are often nervous about starting a mentoring partnership, it’s the mentorees who are often less knowledgeable about what the process is, how it works, what to expect, what to talk about and what stages the partnership goes through.

This quick introductory video gives a few ideas about what the journey of being mentored is like.

7 Keys to Mentoring Success

be a successful mentor, mentorfishI’ve set up a flip book for you to discover the 7 keys to getting successful mentoring outcomes.

Being a flip-book, it may take a wee bit to load as it’s based on flash.

Patience. There’s 12 pages. Flip the pages by hovering over the right hand side of the virtual page. You can use the zoom in the control bar at the bottom to enlarge the print. It will load 6 pages then the other 6 so keep flipping.

Go here to view the book online

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